Photographer Spots An Eagle Begging For Help, Then Crawls Out Hundreds Of Feet Through Thick Mud To Save The Bird


Krzysztof Chomicz is a Polish photographer who has a talent for capturing amazing pictures of animals. His work requires him to keep his distance and try not to disturb their way of life. But, this time it was different and Krzysztof was certain he was doing the right thing.

He was near the marshlands of Swinoujscie, a city in north-west Poland when he noticed a large bird stuck in thick mud far from shore. The situation seemed desperate and something needed to be done quickly. Eagle was clearly exhausted, and it was a matter of minutes or the bird was certainly going to die.

Chomicz did not hesitate, he tied a rope around his waist and began crawling out to the eagle to save it. He was hundreds of feet away, but he managed to reach it. He dragged the bird somehow back to the shore while a drone flew above taking this incredible video.

Thanks to him and some other good people, this 6 months old white-tailed eagle, will have a chance to fly in the skies again!